Despite multimillion dollar figures have been spent on scientific research to combat cancer, considered as a catastrophic illness, the stark reality is that far from success achieved today we face a progressive percentage increase in all forms of known cancer.

We have seen in hundreds of cases, while the surgery removes tumors, radiation therapy destroys them and chemotherapy tends to reduce or eliminate them (rarely 100%), the most deplorable fact is that there is a high percentage of relapses metastases in other organs of the body.  We can ensure that this is because these allopathic treatments do not take into consideration two important factors:

1.- “There are germs in all cancer”.  According to findings of Dr. Isaac Goiz creator of the wonderful therapeutic system called Biomagnetism, not only viruses are always present but certain bacteria have decisive participation in the growing tumor.  These remarkable findings have been recorded in his latest book “THE PHENOMENON OF TUMOR” recently published by the School of Medicine, University of Loja in Ecuador.

In medical research there are only a few formal partnerships with well known and established viruses, such as certain lymphomas (tumours of the lymph nodes and immune system) with the Epstein Barr virus, cancer of the cervix with human papillomavirus (which is a sexually transmitted virus), and cancer of the liver with chronic hepatitis B and C virus.  A bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, which colonizes the stomach, is involved in the development of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers and gastric cancer.   Finally, patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have a predisposition to certain types of tumours such as Kaposi’s sarcoma. Pharmacology has not been able to develop a drug that completely annihilate (destroys, wipe out, exterminate) the viruses, so there is no definitive cure for cancer and many other serious viral diseases.

Chemotherapy only kills cancer cells, not pathogens, but also makes the immune system to collapse and the energy system of the patient (topic ignored by conventional medicine) gets unsettled; under these circumstances, both systems should be working at their best to combat viruses and germs.  Thus we fall into a vicious circle in which, on one side the tumours are reduced giving a false sense that they are  improving, while new tumours emerge rapidly on other areas, because the deficient immune system can not prevent the same viruses to continue the attacking with ever greater force, to produce new tumours.

2.- “The emotional origin of cancer plays a role”.  This statement is often not taken into account by the traditional treatments, therefore this unresolved emotional conflict also continues to depress the immune system, leading to the same consequence.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

The three proven methods for treating cancer: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, can actually shorten the life span of the patient in many cases.  All these treatments are invasive, have devastating side effects and only treat the symptoms.  All of them can cause spreading of cancer or its recurrence.  While these methods are harmful to the body’s immunity, they may sometimes be necessary, its successes have been limited mainly to relatively few forms of cancer on the early stages of the disease.

For most cancers in adults, orthodox therapies (traditional therapies) are virtually no healing, but can they somehow prolong the life? For many patients, standard therapies shorten the life: “The majority of patients with cancer in this country die of chemotherapy”, says Dr. Alan Levin, Faculty of Medicine, University of California.   However, there are situations in which these therapies prolong the life for some period, this is the case of Glyoblastome Multiforme tumour in the brain. 

Only 2 to 3 percent of nearly half a million Americans diagnosed with cancer each year are saved by chemotherapy, according to Dr. John Cairns of the School of Public Health at the University of Harvard.  However, more than half of all patients suffering from cancer usually receive drugs in conjunction with chemotherapy treatment which can reduce the chances of patient survival.  All drugs used in chemotherapy are toxic and many are carcinogenic, meaning they can cause cancer.  The excessive use of chemotherapy, a business that leaves approximately about $750 million in annual drug sales alone, is a national and international scandal.

Dissapointed with traditional treatments against cancer, which often have devastating side effects and usually cost around $30,000 or more; thousands of patients are turning to alternative therapies or non-toxic treatments.  Often called complementary, unorthodox, alternative or unconventional methods.  These therapies include nutritional, herbal, metabolic, immune boosters, biological, as well as psychological-behavioral methods.  Although alternative therapies are different, all are rooted in the idea that a truly healthy body is not to develop cancer.

Alternative practitioners believe that the cause of cancer is often found in the alteration of the immune system or body imbalances that allows the tumour to develop.

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