Marcela Solis, founder of Biomagnetism SA.


It is a revolutionary new therapeutic approach to restore and maintain physical and mental health. It works by balancing the acid and alkaline levels (pH) of the body, killing any pathogens such as virus, parasites, bacteria and fungi.


Despite multi million dollar figures have been spent on scientific research to combat cancer, considered as a catastrophic illness, the stark reality is that far from success achieved today we face a progressive percentage increase in all forms of known cancer.


The word “parasites” is used in two senses. Everything living on you or in you, not just to perch, but to take its food from you is a parasite.

Biomagnetism Therapy

Biomagnetism Therapy balances the bioelectrical flow of the body and this, in turn, has an immediate effect on the biochemical level (pH).  We have to keep in mind that electricity and magnetism are part of the same coin, two main forces of nature.  The magnets favour the stability of the body bioelectrical system, therefore promoting the internal balance of our body.  When the pH is balanced, it regulates and corrects the infectious pathologies.  This new criteria is able to identify the origin of viral and bacterial diseases, as well as glandular dysfunctions caused by pathogenic microorganisms in the organs.

What is it?

After I completed the biomagnetism sessions (3 sessions in 3 months) I felt re-energized and after the cleansing I did I decided to try keep it as “clean” and organic as possible. My thyroid gland seems to have stopped attacking itself and the levels of medication I take have been stabilized after a steady increase during the past 5 years. I am very thankful and hope you spread the practice in Africa where it is much

Luz Helena

Johannesbug (June - 2014)

I thank you sincerely for the help and success I benefited from the treatment I received which was Medical Biomagnetism. Yes I had stress related issues: Headaches, neck stiffness, tiredness, lower back pain, puffiness of eyes. After a six week course of Biomagnetism treatment I experienced relief of above symptoms and I also gained weight I am really greatful.

S. Masiwal

Johannesburg (May - 2014)

I don’t pretend to understand how Marcela’s treatments work, but I can say for sure that I pretty quickly drifted off into a deep state each time I was receiving it, and didn’t feel that understanding was relevant or necessary. 

I believe that any time a practitioner works with the quality of certainty and intent Marcela brings to her sessions, we benefit regardless of having a coherent story to explain. 

I went to Marcela at a time of feeling very down and in need of help and finished the series feeling much better.  I’m very grateful this kind of assistance is available. There’s no equivalent pill a doctor could possibly prescribe.  Thank you Marcela!

Brenda Scarborough

Cape Town (February – 2024)

My symptoms were slightly different to others and it included fatigue, dizziness, pain in my face (pulling), hot pins and needles sensation on the left side of my body and just constant feeling of unwellness. After medication and feeling fear that I might live like this for the rest of my life a friend recommended Biomagnetism and I felt I’d nothing to loose.

Mariana Wirsam

Johannesburg (July - 2014)

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Marcela Solis, founder of Biomagnetism SA.

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