Biomagnetism therapy reviews

Read some of our biomagnetism therapy reviews and what it meant for our clients.

I don’t pretend to understand how Marcela’s treatments work, but I can say for sure that I pretty quickly drifted off into a deep state each time I was receiving it, and didn’t feel that understanding was relevant or necessary. 

I believe that any time a practitioner works with the quality of certainty and intent Marcela brings to her sessions, we benefit regardless of having a coherent story to explain. 

I went to Marcela at a time of feeling very down and in need of help and finished the series feeling much better.  I’m very grateful this kind of assistance is available. There’s no equivalent pill a doctor could possibly prescribe.  Thank you Marcela!

Brenda Scarborough

Cape Town (February – 2024)

 When I went to Marcela I was struggling recover from a bad flu and my emotional state was fragile. After my first session I immediately started to feel better from being physically sick and recovered fully within that week. Marcela has also helped me immensely to unpack my emotions to improve the state of my mental health. On top of her practice being an incredible healing experience, she makes you feel comfortable within the space and the energy is very realxing.   Additionally Marcela herself is an incredible person with such a kind heart. I could not recommend her and her practice enough.

Olivia Thomas

Cape Town (December 2021)

I had a bad stomach problem and was borderline insomnia, therefore stressed and mostly tired. Upon speaking to Marcela about it, she invited me to do a session. Best decision I ever made. After just one session, I felt more positive about life. 2 days after I had a decent night’s sleep. I was always scared to eat due to my small intestine not being able to digest certain food, now I’m daring and can wholeheartedly try different foods. The healing sessions is something I believe every person should experience. It’s comfortable, relaxing and induce positivity. I highly recommend Marcela and her practice

Natasha Baker

Cape Town (August 2022)

I was struggling to get better after contracting Covid-19. After a few sessions with Marcela I was soon on the mend and back to my normal self.  I believe wholly in her therapy and have continued to have sessions to heal my emotional pain as well as my physical body.  Many wonderful transformations have ensued. I cannot recommend Marcela enough.

Tina Carter

Cape Town (December 2021)

I am glad I was lead to Medical Biomagnetism. I was surprised to notice a difference within 4 weeks. I benefited immensely, my energy levels are high and the stomach cramps are gone.   I wish I would have found this therapy a long time ago. Thank you for all your help. These magnets have brought magic to my life.

Hellen Hassolanidis

Cape Town (May  2021)

I work as a Bioresonance Energy Medicine Practitioner and see chronic disease every day in my practice. The most common underlying cause is pathogenic interference and pH imbalances. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is the most effective way to address these two issues in a quick and non-invasive manner. It turns the body from a degenerative state to a regenerative state within a few sessions. My own personal experience has been an improvement in energy and a greater overall feeling of wellness that I have not felt since my thirties!

Terry-Ann Franklin

Cape Town (March  2021)

I didn’t know anything about Biomagnetism Therapy before visiting Marcela Solis (based on a recommendation).  I had been feeling fatigued and run-down for a while and was willing to try anything to get my energy and sense of well-being back again.  I had no expectations, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that all I had to do was relax for 2 hrs, while Marcela and the magnets did the “work”.   After each session, I felt a sense of freshness and increased vitality.  I have a finger joint which is usually painful and swollen (resulting from arthritis), but by the end of my fifth session, the pain and inflammation had decreased to about 10% of what it had been before the treatment.  Prior to Biomagnetism Therapy, I had been told by a Bioresonance Energy Medicine Therapist, that there were many toxins and pathogens prevalent in my body.  But after 5 sessions these pathogens and toxins had been drastically eliminated.   The treatment was completed over a 3 weeks period and it was really motivating to start feeling better in a such a short time!

Nicole Ciolli

Cape Town (November 2020)

I have been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for a very long time and no matter what I did I could not find a way to ease the symptoms. In addition I have suffered from depression and the two in combination caused my energy levels to plummet. I met Marcela in 2018, and she mentioned biomagnetism, something I have never heard of before. At first I wasn’t sure about this treatment as I didn’t know or understand it, but after doing some research I started to discover that the human body produces complex electrical activity in several different types of cells called “excitable cells”. This creates electricity and a magnetic field which keeps our bodies alive, interacts with all of the other magnetic fields on the planet and control our basic chemistry.
I decided to try biomagnetism, as everything else that I tried didn’t really seem to solve the problem. After a couple of sessions I found that the treatment was able to quickly identify the issues I experienced and to tackle them straight away, my body reacted very well to the treatment and I was able to see a remarkable difference. I would definitely recommend biomagnetism. My symptoms improved and I felt much better, something I haven’t experienced before without having to take any medication. Biomagnetism was also able to diagnose other problems that my body had been struggling with but I was not aware of which were directly linked to my IBS symptoms and depression.
Marcela is very professional and knowledgable and she is a great example of how biomagnetism as helped and improved her health and life as a whole.
Overall an excellent experience and I highly recommend it.


Natasha Otero

Cape Town (May 2019)

I have struggled with back and stomach issues my whole life and they were linked in a way that when the one pain occurred the other one followed.  I went to Marcela for only 3 session of Biomagnetism in 3 weeks, and the pain and the suffering went away completely.  I highly recommend Biomagnetism as a form of treatment, this is the quickest and most pain free healing I have ever experienced.  
Ross Horwitz

Cape Town (August - 2018)

Over a period of 2 years I experienced increasing conditions of severe bloating, fatigue, continuous bladder infections, depression and many more related symptoms.

After many visits to various General Practioners, an Internist and in final desperation alternative medication, I was eventually diagnosed with Candidiasis (Candida Overgrowth) .

Coupled to an anti candida diet, probiotics, natural antifungal meds (ozonide) etc, I was then referred to Marcela Solis for Bio-Magnetism therapy.  At first I was very apprehensive as this type of treatment is not well known.

After 7 treatments with Marcela I can positively testify that my health has improved tremendously.  My energy levels have been totally restored, my immune system has returned to normal and I also experience that my current health status is the best that I have felt, for at least the last 2 years.

I highly definitely recommend Bio-Magnetism treatment.

 Marie Zeeman

Cape Town (Feb 2019)

After I completed the biomagnetism sessions (3 sessions in 3 months) I felt re-energized and after the cleansing I did following your recommendation, I decided to try keep it as “clean” and organic as possible.  My thyroid gland seems to have stopped attacking itself and the levels of medication I take have been stabilized after a steady increase during the past 5 years. I am very thankful and hope you spread the practice in Africa where it would be very beneficial.

Luz Helena

Johannesbug (June - 2014)

As you well know I was suffering badly from food allergies, my lips were swelling and I was ready to scratch my face off from the itch. We progressed slowly but surely with every treatment and now 3 months down the line I am feeling very well and my food allergies are now a problem of the past. I am so glad I came across you BioMagnetism treatment & I will surely recommend it to my family and friends

Vera Damaso

Johannesburg (July - 2015)

I thank you sincerely for the help and success I benefited from the treatment I received which was Medical Biomagnetism. Yes I had stress related issues: Headaches, neck stiffness, tiredness, lower back pain, puffiness of eyes. After a six week course of Biomagnetism treatment I experienced relief of above symptoms and I also gained weight I am really greatful.

S. Masiwal

Johannesburg (May - 2014)

My symptoms were slightly different to others and it included fatigue, dizziness, pain in my face (pulling), hot pins and needles sensation on the left side of my body and just constant feeling of unwellness. After medication and feeling fear that I might live like this for the rest of my life a friend recommended Biomagnetism and I felt I’d nothing to loose.  My symptoms improved a lot and I would recommend this therapy for sure!

Mariana Wirsam

Johannesburg (July - 2014)


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