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Signing liability documents. Otherwise she will realize that she is there to let us all her fortune, so we can use it as we want.

It’s a joke

Isn’t it?

I’m recording

Yes, yes, yes. I just said she’d donate her fortune to the ILU Institute, which is the most important in Madrid.

Come with me, please

Let’s take a sample. Let’s see! Let’s invite Dr. Goys. Please have a sit.


Do I tell them?


Let them Know. Tell to Dr. Goiz and the other doctors to stand by there with us.

DR. and Juan Carlos also?

Doctors, please come to the corner… of course if Juan Carlos wants to come too.

Just a nip. In the pinky…. Relax please.

Relax please.

Keep the finger quite for a minute. Now… testing coagulation. We let it dry… it will take around 10 minutes…done.


You are welcome!

The first thing we observe in Anna’s blood is that it shows that she has bad circulation; the red blood cells are completely jammed.

The normal aspect should be like the image we have behind. Should be separate one to each other. The red blood cells we have here are in a coin line form.

By nature the red blood cells repel each other because their membranes have a negative electric charge and what is happening is that this blood has lost this electric charge.

Let’s take a picture of it.

Take a chair.

No, it’s OK!

Another anomaly is there are some plaques of those, which shows there are fatty deposits.

Fat is an essential nutrient that all of us have in the blood, that’s normal.

What’s occurs from when we eat until it reaches the blood, should have time to be dissolved, so the blood should be in a liquid form.

In this case we have it in eatosis, in solid form, which mean the fat metabolism is deficient, don’t burn fats well.

And the problem this will cause is cardiovascular because de solid fats are gooey, easily can add to the artery walls, make them stiffer, blood vessels obstruction, can create malfunctions of a cardiac valve.

It makes grow the cardiovascular risk and we have to find the way to speed up the fat metabolism and thin the fat in the circulatory system.

There are many of those fat.Which mean that you are in a high risk if we don’t do nothing.

What we are watching is just one drop of blood, so what we have to do is multiply it by the amount we have in the body.

I hope to rule in many aspects so you can have a good coverage but not because a want something bad happen to you.

Of course no

Anyway we will repair it, well you don’t …

Very good doctor!

…. Have to preoccupy excessively for what you know.

Here you can see another thing. Those are calcium oxalate crystals.

The calcium oxalate crystals appear in the blood when you have a metabolic failure, when you don’t metabolize some food…

…and they are the preview of sand and stones and so possible if you were a man would it end up as gout, that’s can happen easily to men.

Exist an unbalance Ph problem.

But the origin of the problem could be metabolic and a metabolic problem could be many things.

Yes I have got thrombophlebitis!

Oh yea…. we continue….

This here is. The white spots, let me confirm is there are or not….

They are, actually this whites spots are fungus.

There is a fungus infection

If this was another thing a bacterial infection or another element, as we change the background don’t fade away…

…and it does because the fungus have a membrane of sugar disaccharide which sucked-up the light and they became invisibles, reason why we know they are fungus.

What we cannot to determine which kind of fungus is. For that matter doctor Goiz will help us later to determine which kind of infection…

…because the form and we will establish a correlation, won’t we? That’s the idea, will give name to those entities.

Although for Dr. Goiz is easy because he treat it with Bio-magnetic Pair.

On my side I should try with what we have, the product (anti-coligic) that works for everybody.

But in scientific way we are interesting to know the name to documenting….


…this is a…Those are bacteria’s, could be a streptococcus, I don’t know.

We take a note about a bacterial infection, possible a streptococcus.

Here we have micro-thrombosis. Which is Plaques connected.

This is more fat, another thrombosis.

Lets check out the coagulation test and find out how the blood coagulates?

This spot here indicate a high cardiovascular risk and is called cardiac stress! That’s signal which look like a pop-up flower.

Occurs because the protein accumulation.

There are heavy metals, shows on the exterior dark fringe that indicated a metallic poisoning they can come from many sources, the metals.

Look like it’s the same, yes. We stop here. I’ll check your heart rate and we go with Dr. Goiz to do the exam.

Afterward Dr. Goiz exam we take another blood test to compare!

You are tachycardic and have the cardiac cycles very low.

You have a very slow heart and the oxygen circulation very low, low in blood.

By the moments we take notes. We are not going to give you any conclusion. The conclusions we leave it for the end. Agree?


Now we are going with Dr. Goiz to the other room!

To the small or the big one?

The big one!

Iliac, fibula, knee, locking of the soft phase, pubis, supra-pubic, ischium, gluteus minor, right nutrient, nutrient left, mesenteric, appendix, peritoneum, right parietal, left parietal..

…right flank, left flank, right medium gluteus, left medium gluteus, right crest, left crest, sigmoid, xiphoid, pubis, ulna, radius, humerus, prepineal, pineal, parietal, pituitary, eyes…

..temple, ear, mastoid, cheek, tongue, jaw, parotid, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus…rectum.

Ah…the sisters.

The sisters?

Yes, please


Mediastinum, cardex, stomach, pancreas head, body of pancreas, pancreatic tail, tip depancreas, pancreatic ligament, spleen, spleen, armpit, retroaxillary, subplavia…

…supraspinius, deltoids, humerus, ulna, radius, wrist, palm, index, pleura, liver, hepatitis, a, b, c, d, e, hepatic cirrhosis.

…hepatic cirrhosis.

Please hold this for me with your other hand. Release it. Ok, perfect

So we have a hepatitis prognosis?


Cirrhosis, is Cirrhosis!

Liver abscess, amebic, perihepatic, posthepatic, costodiaphragmatic, suprahepatic, pancreas duct, gallbladder duct, pylorus, duodenum, ileocecal valve, ascending colon…

…transverse, descending, sigmoid, rectum, anus, ureter, urethra, uterus, ovaries, tubes, texticulos, prostate, sebum, contra-sebum, bladder, suprapubic, appendix, Duglas bag…

…inginal nerve, quadriceps, adductor, tibia, calcaneal, achilles, popliteus, sciatic, greater trochanter, lesser trochanter, hip, histio, gluteal, iliac, interiliaco , kidney, kidney, tetanus..

Tetanus, Clostridium tetanicum


and kidney…

Perirenal, pararenal, renal capsule, adrenals, vulvas, cerebellum, scapula, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccygeal, malar, cranial, lacrimal, intercillary…

…supraciliary, comissures, corner of the eye, eyelid, eye floor, chiasm, polygon, angle, trachea esophageal, hiatus, esfophageal, chondral, costal diaphragm, epiglotida, ligament..

…coronary heart, carina, carina, cava, cava, neck, cervical plexus, pericardium, appendix, pleura, vagus, sternum, first rib, hand, hand, frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital, bursa…

…suprahepatic, frontal sinus, paranasal sinus, pole, pole, occipital lobe, suprarenal, posterior lobe, greater trochanter, infiltrate, exudate, cyst, abscess, dyspalsia, neoplasia…

…malignant neoplasm, hemorrhage, thrombosis, embolism, spasm, edema, hematoma, aneurysm, fibrosis.

That’s all she has. She has three pathologies.

Reviewing she has Clostridium tetanicum, hepatitis cirrhosis and…

And E. coli

And E. coli. Another bacteria.

So we put her on treatment during 10 minutes

10 minutes

Afterward we will check the blood again to find out if the infections and anomalies we had see …


…In a circulating blood have failure. We’ll be back in ten minutes.

For the audience of intercontinental radio from the capital of Spain and the stations networks in the country…

…we will talk at the Clinical Center of Cellular Medicine Hilu

with a physician highly esteemed by the congregation an international scientific and by others highly inquired.

This is an interview by Dr. Raymond Hilu precisely Director of The Center of Cellular Medicine.

Recall that the cell study is the most accurate to reach the origin and cause of disease to treat them and get well, according to Dr. Hilu.

But which is the success of the Mexican doctor who had travels around many places of the world.

Medical surgeon graduated from the Autonomous University of Puebla and therapist graduate from the school of physical medicine from the American-British Hospital.

It’s a revolutionary medical technique of bio-magnetic Pair. A technique. The bio-magnetic pair what changes the basis of modern medicine.

The first question would be Dr.
What is the bio-magnetic pair?

For the listeners understanding of: “Land intercontinental” and this great radio audience.

In a simple way is about two charges generated by the introduction in the body, of any pathogen microorganism.

These charges are acid-alkaline and they are in close relationship both as vibration and energy levels.

A point of the body goes to the acidity and the other to alkalinity.

That is what I discovered in 1988. The resonance is what related to two points in this case, of the body.

And thanks to this relationship we can identify viruses, bacteria, fungus or parasites.

Was said at some conferences and with critical tour your discovery, for example that, Ronald Hubbard Scientology’s father…

…said you could never balance the magnetic spots using magnets with their own magnetism that emanates from the human being.

What you could answer about thatt?

Well, the problem is already establishing an uneven balance between these points and no way to detect them,

either with equipment or to induce them to its neutrality.

But magnetic fields from 1000 gauss can easily get it and in really short time.

In Ecuador with 3.5 minutes placing the magnets to the patient, the charge exhausted and we can neutralize the pH,

but here in Spain we are seeing is 12 minutes, which requires the patient, therefore so we can neutralize the pH.

Dr. Rymon Hilu cell researcher has done just with you today a scientific test that is being witnessed by many people in his clinic in the city of Marbella

and of which we are witnessing just a few journalists. Dr. Hilu makes cell analysis, diagnostics and then you work in yours fields, bio-magnetic pair.

What is the result obtained so far Dr. Hilu?

There are many elements in common but for now, without any exception there are improvements that personally impressed to me.

Which one for example Dr.?

The complete disappearance within ten minutes of all pathogens we diagnosticate and find disappear..

and would require normally a four-months, six months, using medication, homeopathy, antibiotics, depending on the case.

With bio-magnetic pair using by Dr. Goiz in ten minutes go away.

Does this mean that the magnetic force does well but can reappear?

I do not know! This question can perhaps be answer by Dr. Goiz,

but in my experience when it comes to neutralize or eliminate a bacteria, virus, fungus or parasite

that is the four elements that most we are studying, don’t appears any more, with some exceptions.

There is an exception in my experience that Dr. Goiz will answer based on his own.

For example: the Lyme disease. Lyme’s disease can hide in the marrow when they are threatened these microorganisms and they can reappear again. I have had that experience.

For example: the Lyme disease. Lyme’s disease can hide in the marrow when they are threatened these microorganisms and they can reappear again. I have had that experience.

For example: the Lyme disease.

Lyme’s disease can hide in the marrow when they are threatened these microorganisms and they can reappear again.

I have had that experience.

Possibly, I’ve had because I have not used the bio-magnetic pair

and the way they have eliminated initially before introducing these technologiesthat we are using now, to improve patient service,

it’s possible does not happen with the system of Dr. Goiz but I think he can confirm or deny.

Dr. Goiz by allusions effectively what is your response?

Look we are in the presence of intelligent beings.

From viruses, bacteria and fungus they have DNA, obviously they are intelligent and those can hide.

But we found places in the body we call reservoirs,

where can be hidden these microorganisms but every time we are finding more reservoirs and obviously we can externalize from that place.

And then with the application of magnetic pairs in their specific pairs disappear.

Theoretically they shouldn’t come back, but the patient can infect again, that is possible.

If you live with the same person, the same animal or take the same contaminated food, can reaper the pathology.

But if you remove the bio-magnetic pair and the pathogen is cleared, it cannot reappear again for itself.

¿Dr. do you feel supported internationally by the media?

No, no. And specifically in Mexico, I do not.

We have television plenty of criticism, and I understand that.

Furthermore because all the drug companies do not allow these issues are easily aired on television.

But I do not complain, other countries have given me shelter: Ecuador, Chile and now Spain seems are allowing this to be expanded.

¿Dr. Hilu why do you meet with Dr. Goiz?
What has led you to find a moment as we are staging today?

It was coincidence, another partner who is dedicated to this field of medicine,

invited me to a little test that he wanted to show me.

He had learned something about the bio-magnetic pair; in fact he is not an expert, a friend of mine in Malaga.

And he asked me: What bothers you most? What is your problem?

And I explain to him a personal matter of mine, which is an embryonic cyst, which I have from birth.

This one pressing into my spine and causes me a recurrent pain.

Occasionally I had to stop, one or two weeks without hardly able to move and the pain was continuous.

He said: I’ll take it off.

To me it sounded like a joke of course. I lay in bed.

He did all to me. He didn’t know it by memory logically as Dr. Goiz. He had a cheat sheet that he was reading.

And when he found something. When he found shortening. He put the magnets and filled me with magnets.

I don’t remember because I was not accustomed to such techniques.

But I know he filled me with bandages and magnets. From top to bottom what it is not often the case.

What matters is what comes next. I get up from that table and it does, I’d say about two years…or a year?

That was around October, last year.

Ok, all right!

It was two years ago….

I can’t even remember.

From that day on, I have not back hurt again.Thus I saw that works..

then was when I joined the first course organized by Dr. Goiz to learn the art…

and next week I will accompany im to repeat the course and I’ll go to all I can. I’ll stick to him, if he allows me.

Dr. You have been called by the China government to restore the health of a German citizen, when he caught the terrible Chinese flu.

What can you say about the new flu or (CDC) that seems was originated in your country?

Well it is not (CDC).

I gave the notice and with time because it was detected a virus now as AH1N1 and it’s place in the pancreatic ligament.

It can be detected and can be cured.

They’re manipulating it like a new virus, but it look like it is a known virus.

I identify it as the Nile Virus. But the name does not matter.

The important thing is that the virus or any virus is not fatal.

This virus cannot kill anyone and everyone blames on it.

What kills the patient is the association with another pathogen.

In the case of the virus we are experiencing in Mexico, is the typical influenza, according to scholars.

It’s associated with clostridium tetani and this association with the virus it’s what kills the patient.

that’s why do not die all patients who have the virus.

They die in a very low proportion.

At this moment do not exceed over the 50 patients dead from hundreds who have been infected. Then is not the virus is the association.

And the worst association of a virus it’s with a fungus.

Acute respiratory syndrome is the association of a virus and a fungus.

And the deadly (NSABB) may also be the association of a virus and a fungus.

But in this case the virus is not fatal. What makes it fatal is its association.

¿Dr. Hilu and Dr. Rymond Goiz how far can go a partnership like you are starting right now?

Do you mean to us?


I hope that we can take everything to where it should go.

I would not say to replace the approach that modern medicine has!, I wish!

But to make it accessible, and well known around the whole world.

So everybody can take advantage of these simple techniques, effective, inexpensive,

so we can get better health in populations without having to abuse of many drugs.

¿Dr. Goiz, what you would be if you hadn’t the famous magnets?

I am physiotherapist and allopathic physician.

I should be prescribing like many other antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, analgesic;

at last all the drugs used and continue believing in the truth imposes by pharmacy and the discipline.

Fortunately this discovery came to break all my orthodox medical philosophy…

and the paradigms went down and I began to see these things and I communicated them to health authorities.

Obviously I have been targeted of some repressions.

But the important thing is that I am spreading and we have more than six thousand therapists trained.

In Europe and America. And there is one case of a student from China. but this is walking and I keep teaching the art and those who are practicing are emitting thesis.

But this is walking and I keep teaching the art and those who are practicing are emitting thesis.

The Chapingo Autonomous University in Mexico, gave us the academic endorsement,

and previously, The National University of Loja in Ecuador also had given to us.

So this goes well, but we have to go walking, walking and doing school.

Dr. Goiz, what I can say to you is that you are in the hands of a man beloved by the media in Spain Dr. Raymond Hilu

and the road that he will open in Spain will be pleasant and full of positive things, but in the middle is the pharmaceutical industry, I guess?

That’s a big problem?

That’s what worries us the most, indeed. We are working in a correct, appropriate and transparent way.

We are not depriving anyone merit. Each one can continue doing their jobs.

There are doctors with invaluable knowledge and know-how necessary that exist all around us.

But yes, we get to worry, because it has happened in other countries to Dr. Goiz.

When it comes to talk about treatments that do not require medication, start pressures and these pressures have no sense,

no logic, no place in the 21st century and much less in a country like ours. I hope it does not happen to us.

¿What’s hurt you the most of the current world, Dr.?

The foolishness! To accept the principles that pharmaceutical industry dictates.

The pharmacy was made to make money and sell products, but we accepted without arguing.

And I think it is time to sit down and demonstrate how we are doing now on a small scale but it can be done in large scale.

There may be therapies, like mine that are associative to what is currently being done and can be integrated and can be learn by any medical of course.

But if a therapist, like my case is associated with a doctor as it’s the case of Dr. Hilu who have more technical scientism than me, of course we can do wonderful things.

I heal and he proved healing and also he works with his system.

We are not against allopathic or naturopathy, anything, everything can be integrated.

Doctors, thanks for this interview for Economy F listeners and the listeners of radio station intercontinental.

I whish you guy integrated as Dr. Hilu says in his famous ad: “Integrative Medicine”. I think it is the best doesn’t it Dr.?

This is the intention; we wish we could pull it off.

Thank you. And welcome to Spain Dr. Goiz, you know the doors are open on this radio station for you and I hope you continue enjoying this wonderful Marbella.

Thans is a beautiful place…

Thank you…

You guys have a great weather.

Thank you!

Let’s see how you are!

Well, well

I know I’m cured.


You have that feeling.

Yes, yes. I have faith in God first and in Dr. Goiz

That doesn’t count. Then Dr. Goiz, plays with an advantage.


Let’s assume that is good.

Of course yes.

A second, I will take the monographic blood test….

I’m feeling like New.

That’s it.

Again another test….

I haven’t look but I know what I will see, because it’s happen always, I hope not disappoint me.

No, no, no.


That is effectively

It’s her blood!

This same person!


Do I nip her again?


Thank you doctor.

Thank God!

Thank god!

Thank you doctor.

This phenomenon is sometimes not given much importance; the secret of good health is…

….that the body is well irrigated by the blood.

The body part that does not react, then the blood it needs does not work well and when we get blood from getting everywhere, the body improves.

Of course!

It’s the same blood from the same person.

From the same person, but ten minutes later.

Well, not 10 minutes later. The interview lasted longer.

Besides you also have vitality, a life worthy of a person 18 years.

The little spots are nutrients..

Yes, they are cycle-microns!

With Dr. Hilu also we learned a lot.

He explains everything

I will try to find a fault. There are no faults. Lets see. The micro-thrombosis remains. There thrombosis.

What can happen doctor?

They get rid…

Break up over time … Maybe if we look at the blood within three days or a week.

That’s the question I was doing? How long last these. It’s only the effect of this electromagnetic field that remained in the cells impregnated them?

At first there is a minor effect, which is what we are seeing. Afterward this effect may be impressive, this minor effect. But the time is pass …

It’s the opposite…

Will be more!

For better…

You must give your body time to react to develop. Is that correct Dr Goiz ?

Yes, to get normalize.

And how often would you go to re-magnetize.

A week?

it’s just once.

And it is cured.

The body continues to function and eliminate all these….

There is not a side effect of the magnet.
The magnet accomplished with its mission and the body begins to recover and regenerate.

Can you see the fat?

) I’m looking for.

I will narrow the field to see if they are hidden somewhere.

What you thinking Dr. Hilu? Of course the answer from someone like me, it’s not important, but it is important from of a scientist as Dr. Hilu.

What’s your opinion of what is happening?

My opinion after what is happening is that we should make an effort to nominate Dr. Goiz for Nobel Prize.

I do not know, it’s the first thing that comes to my mind.


I don’t know if you think of something else?

This is what I was going to ask. How sounds for you about the Nobel Dr.?

Unfortunately I am satisfied with the fact of living and give me permission to work with such illustrious personages as Dr. Hilu.

But the Nobel Prize, formally does not concerning me, I do have an awards.

The main qualification I have is a Tlamtini in Mexico and it was given to me from a geography society.

At the bottom says: ” Gold living from Mexico.” And for me that is enough.

Beautiful definition!

Does shows parasites?

Not before, she had not parasites either.

Or some bacteria appeared to me?

There were bacteria’s and fungus that I’m looking for.

The Escherichia coli!

That is Escherichia coli. That’s the unnamed bacterium was there before.


Hepatic cirrhosis, kidney, tetanus…

Only one element remains. Fat does not see it. All that remains are the thrombosis.

Thrombosis. Nothing else.

So my conclusion would be, if I were to prescribe something for the lady simply for the safe side, I should prescribe magnesium.

Magnesium pill.

To prevent any of these thrombosis that she has, who knows from where. Does not reach any capillary, while the effect of the magnets works more.

We don’t know if the thrombosis will make an obstruction tomorrow or today.

So now if you take a pill of magnesium it will have an effect in few hours. So we go safe.

And a certain age is good for strengthening the skeleton and since she has osteoporosis will help.

Let’s look anyway the second sample of clotting. Let’s see what shows us. And with that we’re done.

If she should were a standard patient.

That is, would come to me without using the technique of Dr. Goiz.

I would have needed about 8 supplements to correct the problems we’ve seen.

For hepatitis, osteoporosis, poor circulation, thrombosis, fungus, bacteria’s.

She had too many items failed, but now remains in her only the fat plates.

Now all she have left the issue of thrombosis, possibly for tomorrow will disappear itself. But I will not take that risk. I’ll prescribe her a pill of magnesium.

There are roses shapes there.

In fact what I’m looking for, if there are roses shapes.

In fact I have an article here that I will print as we speak. A scientific article that explains what are those roses shapes.

I will search in the computer as we continue looking. Here is the rose shape, here it is. I’ll print it and later I’ll comment to you.

Metals remain. Then we have: thrombosis and metals.

Obviously nothing has left Ana’s body. What was inside is still in and that will take time.

We can give her treatments or wait if it’s authorized by the patient and want to do it, not giving any treatment and see in a few time if the body has eliminated the metals by itself.

After Dr. Goiz having resolved the liver problem. She thought was hepatitis and cirrhosis was found alredy cure.

Yes, besides the liver can recovered in hours, sometimes within days. Fully recover.

That’s Incredible!

I give a week’s time to my patients and review them again and if I don’t find anything I let them go.

I am very impressed about the little time did you put the magnets to me and you think I’m already cured from the liver issue and anxiety attacks that I have.

You have cleaned the eyes. For came with red eyes and strain and now is normal.

Yes, the vision that I have affected each day.

You are normal1


You will have your best diffuser in Spain for the press here, that’s for sure.

Look Carlos. This is the shape more amplified “Zarcines”, Hert stress.

This tells you that it’s related to undigested fat in the blood that is related to liver failure.

Your mother had both. Also it’s related to red blood cells in the blood attached. Which your mother had, that can also be by hardening of the arteries.

It’s the same as you explained before. Same explanation.

But nevertheless, this spot has gone.

Yes, it’s not the same shape.

It’s not normal either. With an allopathic treatment or orthomolecular that does not disappear in less than 6 months and has disappeared in 10 minutes.


Do you want it?

Yes, please

The lady says, “She feels calm”

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

We only have to prove oxygenation and pulse.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I don’t think this have changed much but…. she has it at 94% oxygenation and pulse rate was 54 …

54 is still the pulse. Even lower. It’s too quiet. She is in parasympathetic state.

That is a fact also interesting. The pulse goes very low then the parasympathetic is in action. All systems are working. Has dropped tremendously.

Oxygen has improved a little. Improved circulation. One point, one percent is a lot.

So that’s good right?

That is good!

Thank you very much Dr.

You are Discharge.

Thank you!

Very well.

Thank you very much Drs. You are very kind!

Here, we have the blood before and after. All stuck, loose. A lot of fat has disappeared. Thrombosis remains.

Oxalate calcium crystals have disappeared. And all the microorganisms are gone.

The only two elements that have persisted have been metal and thrombosis.



Don’t take it!


Wonderful Doctor!


Thank you Dr. God bless you!

Thank you Madam.


Let us know what we can help you with.

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