About Me

Learn More About Who I Am And Why Biomagnetic Therapy Is My Passion.  A kind of Energy Healing

biomagnetic therapy

About Me

I began my journey into the energy healing or alternative and holistic therapies in 2009.  I was very sick at that time and I was looking for alternative methods outside traditional medicine to heal my body, as I could not find any solutions for treating the symptoms because I also wanted to treat the source of the problem.

After doing lots of researching the process started to unfold little by little.  First I incorporated vitamins and minerals to my diet.   Then, I removed toxins and junk food as much as I could, later I added some detoxification and cleansing to the body, as well as good nutrition.  Then I came across Biomagnetic Therapy which was a unique energy healing because it helps to balance the pH levels (Alkalinity and Acidity) in the body energetically and due to that, it removes pathogens.  So I decided to take the courses to become a Biomagnetism therapist.   I took them in Chile, at “Centro Ohani” (Ohani Centre), which is a centre certified by Dr. Isaac Goiz.  This healing technique is very well known in South America, it began in Mexico and it is spreading into America, Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany and France), Australia, and now in Africa (Mozambique and South Africa).

Biomagnetic Therapy

I’ve belonged to a forum for Biomagnetism therapists for a while, where we ask questions, have answers and at the same time, we share our experiences.  We receive information not only about Biomagnetism but other topics regarding the latest alternative medicines and therapies that are in use worldwide.

Completed Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki advanced courses, as another energy healing modality, which have given me spiritual knowledge, another tool which helps to give some advice to patients.  I have read many books about the metaphysical world, among the authors are: Eric Pearl, Dr. Brian Weiss, Caroline Myss and Dr. Rolf Alexander, Dr. Gary Zukav and Louise Hay.   I also give advice regarding health:  vitamins, minerals, detox, cleansing and nutrition.

I am a Chilean citizen.  I arrived in South Africa in 1994 after meeting Richard, my husband.  It was when Nelson Mandela was becoming president of the country.  I had my only child, Nicholas in 1998.  We left South Africa in 2000 to live in Colombia, South America.  After spending 9 years in Colombia we moved to Australia.  We spent almost 2 years in Sydney.  Then, We moved back to South Africa at the end of 2010.

It was in Australia when I got very sick and my journey into alternative and holistic therapies through energy healing began.  My illness changed my life.

I live in Cape Town, where I spend my life as a mother, wife and Biomagnetism therapist.  I help people to find their ways in healing their bodies, minds and spirits. That is my passion!


biomagnetic therapy

“Biomagnetism Protocols, Depolarization Techniques & Scanning Vectors” November 4-8, 2018 / San Francisco – California – USA


I am not a Medical Doctor, I do not make a medical diagnosis or provide medical advice.

You should see a Medical Doctor for medical care, and you should view Biomagnetic Therapy as an additional therapy to the medical care provided by your doctor.

Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Biomagnetism is 100% safe and does not interfere with any other therapy or medicine, except current intravenous chemotherapy.

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