A rising belief in the health world is that we don’t need to take special detox measures because the body does so naturally.  Some health professionals even go further, saying that detox doesn’t actually cleanse us.  This is just backlash form the cleanses of the past (and present) that weren’t good for us, the reckless detox business of powders, books and programs that weren’t built around how the body works or what the body needs.  And so dieticians, nutritionists, and other practitioners try to safeguard their patients’ health by teaching them that the body’s natural detox processes are enough, not realizing that they are not fully informed in their advice; they haven’t received complete training in how the body works when it comes to detox.

What the experts don’t understand is that we are not only up against daily toxins.  We are up against pathogens: viruses, and bacteria that are rapidly moving through the population, causing autoimmune diagnosis and more in people all the way from children to the elderly.  We are up against toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, petroleum-based products, and other modern-day chemical warfare that’s subliminally part of our everyday lives.

The experts who claims we don’t need detox also don’t understand that the high-fat diet most everyone eats, in whatever shape those diets come, whether no-rules standard eating: “balanced” diets of moderation; intuitive eating; trendy paleo or keto; or plant-based approaches that emphasize nut butters oils, and soy, don’t allow for the natural processes of detox that professionals say happen on their own.  Fat thickens the blood, and that inhibits the body’s day-to-day cleansing ability.  Many influencers, dieticians, nutritionist, health coaches, doctors, and other health professionals even recommend high-protein diets, not realizing that high protein automatically means high fat because peanut butter, nuts, salmon, eggs, diary products, chicken and meat contain ample amount of fats, and that with this advice, they are inhibiting the very detox processes they say should be enough to get us by in life.

We can’t have it both ways.  We can’t tell people to fill the blood stream with fat, creating an inability for the liver to naturally release poisons on a daily basis, and also say that we don’t need to embark on cleanses and detoxes.  As healthy as a recommended diet may seem because it cuts out fast foods, fried foods, and processed foods, if it emphasizes fat and protein, no matter if it’s animal protein based or plant based, whether it’s called keto, paleo, vegan, or some new term, it is going to make the liver sluggish with its overload of fat.

In all this confusion, people need at least the sound information that keeping the blood thinner with more fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens and lower fat is the only way to stand a chance of detoxing the toxins our bodies create as natural byproduct and waste from their internal processes, never mind detoxing the outside toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

When the liver is sluggish from fat, the heart must pump harder.  A fat-filled blood-stream also minimizes oxygen, allowing pathogens to thrive.  Plus, toxins enter the excess fat cells, which then accumulate around organs once someone reaches the age when they can’t spend two hours a day exercising like they used to, and when keeping processed foods out is not enough to keep a spare tire from developing around the waist.  Health experts don’t realize this epidemic of sluggish livers is happening, so “slow metabolism and hormones” take the blame instead of a high-fat diet over too many years.

What’s worse is this: too often, influencers and health professionals who make pronouncements that try to debunk the “myth” of detox, don’t understand the struggle of someone who has been chronically ill.  They don’t get what it is to go from doctor to doctor and receive diagnosis after diagnosis, or non-diagnosis after non-diagnosis, and still have no answers about how to feel better.  These are people who truly need to detox.  They need to know the truth about pathogens and toxic heavy metals and how to eliminate them from the body in order to recover from their chronic symptoms and suffering.

Imagine what it is to be someone with a chronic illness, or maybe you already know all too well.  What is that like to see on your social media stream someone who can work out for an hour or two a day and has no visible body fat? What is it like to be told you can attain the very same thing if you get up off the couch, go to the gym, and start making protein shakes like they do? What is it like to be told that if you don’t feel well enough to do that, then you must be creating your roadblock with emotional issues and negative thoughts?  That you must not be thinking positively enough or engaging with the universe the way you told.  They’re being told that they don’t need to detox; they need to get with the program of mastering their mind.  They’re being told that they’re creating their problems and their illnesses, and that it’s their fault.  It’s making an entire segment of the population, those who are dealing with the reality of chronic symptoms, question their very sanity.

Is detox a myth? No.  It is a vital tool for anyone concerned about their health.  It is a very real technique to fight against the burdens of our modern world, as long as you go about it the right way.

Information taken from Medical Medium – Anthony William


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