Nephrite Jade Stone or Yoni Stone

Chinese tradition

This ancient Chinese tradition is a feminine secret to self-discovery and sexual health crafted from precious gems of the earth. “Jade” or “Yoni’’ Eggs have been used in China for thousands of years to exercise and tone female pelvic muscles, with an array of benefits such as preparing you for childbirth, as well as aiding post-birth recovery. Their strengthening effect can help you if you suffer from incontinence, have had any trauma to your sexual organs, or need to restore your hormonal balance. They are a wonderful aid to exploring your sexuality, enhancing your libido and sexual pleasure and stimulate reflexology points to restore harmony and balance in your body

Properties of Nephrite Jade Stone

Nephrite Jade is a dark green stone and is a heavier stone than either Xiuyan Jade or Rose Quartz.  It is a heart-healing stone and is great for dreaming and for connecting us with our innate well-being and balance.   Nephrite Jade encourages one to revel in life and to fully enjoy this foray into the physical realm – making it an excellent stone for a Jade Egg practice.  It teaches us to allow joy in our lives.  It strengthens and soothes the nervous system and is also very beneficial for kidney function.  It is a classic abundance stone and encourages harmony, peace and loving kindness in both business and personal relationships.


Medium size Yoni Egg (4.1 x 2.9cm) made from nephrite jade

Use for vaginal weight-lifting to tone your pelvic floor muscles

Includes a cleaning brush; unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss for stringing the egg; and a silk pouch.

A hole drilled sideways through narrow end of each egg to thread (dental floss for threading not included)

Full instruction booklet included

Note: These Yoni eggs are available in 3 sizes and it is recommended to start with the largest one first, then work your way down to the smallest as your vaginal walls tone and tighten. Many women gain just as much benefit from just using one size egg though– mainly the medium one. If you wish to experiment with sizes, we recommend you try the Yoni Egg set of 3.

The Jade Egg Practice has been used for thousands of years for the following uses:

  • Tone the pelvic floor & prevent organ prolapse & incontinence
  • Tone muscles pre- & post-childbirth – easier childbirth & faster recovery
  • Heal sexual trauma – abuse, miscarriage, abortion, difficult childbirth
  • Increase orgasmic pleasure for both partners
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Relieve PMS & symptoms of menopause
  • Restore hormonal balance
  • Reduce heavy bleeding, cramping & fatigue during menstruation
  • Assist in cases of infertility
  • Stimulate vaginal reflexology points – harmonising any imbalances in the body, just as with conventional reflexology.
  • Ground nervous energy
  • Create a natural facelift
  • Activate chi/life-force energy – increasing creativity, passion & libido
  • Awaken & cultivate divine feminine sexual energy


Wash your egg before & after use in hot water & a few drops of tea tree oil. Do NOT boil your Jade Egg.  Affix new length of unflavoured dental floss to your egg each time you use it. After a while you may feel happy using your egg without floss and this is perfectly possible and easy to do. Just do whatever feels right to you.

Once a month cleanse your eggs in a salt bath (Himalayan/Oryx/good sea salt) to remove any build-up of negative energy that the stone may have absorbed.

How to use it

Apply it right up into the birth canal until it touches the cervix.

Use it one hour a day – week 1

Use it two hours a day – week 2

Use it three hours a day – week 3

Use it four hours a day – week 4

Use it five hours a day – week 5

After that, use it for 6 months, 5 hours daily

Then go to the smaller stone and do the same, until you reach a year or year and a half.  It is recommended to start with the bigger stone, then the middle one and then the smaller.  But some people start with the middle one.